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Using Recognition to Ramp Up Motivation

Using Recognition to Ramp Up Motivation Cydcor Offices

Earning recognition in your professional life will increase your motivation and empower you to set and meet bigger goals.

Receiving recognition for doing a good job has a powerful influence on your motivation. You’re inspired to do better. You’re encouraged to go beyond the goals you’ve already achieved, and you become determined to set bigger goals for yourself.

Respect Your Achievement

When you gain recognition for meeting or exceeding your sales goals, you earn the respect of your colleagues, supervisors, and customers. You also earn something that often goes unnoticed—self-respect. And that feeling of self-respect is the most powerful motivating force you will ever encounter.

Self-respect means you behave with honor and dignity in your personal and professional interactions. Act out of self-respect, and you’re more likely to achieve professional recognition for a job well done.

Enjoy Your Achievement

Recognition for reaching your sales goals, supporting your team, or getting new customers will motivate you to continue to work hard and develop new ambitions.

Part of winning recognition for hard work requires that you take the time to acknowledge your hard work. Winning an award and being recognized by your company is an honor. So go ahead, let yourself enjoy the feeling of success!

Recognize Your Team

Whenever your work receives praise, always take the time to thank your colleagues, supervisors, and customers for their support. No one achieves success without support from others. You may have done most of the work or created the original idea, but there are  mostly certainly individuals that helped you along the way.

Shake hands with your team. Make eye contact. Smile and say thank you. Let them know that you genuinely appreciate their support. Pay it forward and acknowledge the community that helped make your success possible.

Stay on Track for Success

Professional recognition is a powerful motivator for improving your attitude about your job, your company, and your career. If you continue to work hard and provide innovative solutions to problems at work, you’ll continue to earn recognition.

Communication fuels recognition and inspires motivation. Share your story and include your supportive community as you tell it. Understanding how the recognition cycle works will keep you on track for success. Now, the only problem you have to solve is—where are you going to display your award?

What are your strategies for achieving recognition at work? Share the techniques that work best for you. Post your story on Twitter, follow us @Cydcor, and share this article with your friends and start a conversation with your community.

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