Top Productivity Apps: Mobile Apps to Enhance Performance

Being a professional today means constantly being on the go. We no longer need to be tied to our desks to be productive, and we like it that way. But the freedom to work from anywhere requires having the right tools at your disposal. Luckily, there are productivity apps out there for just about everything the modern professional might want to do—but which ones are best? To stay connected, mobile, and agile, check out this list of cool mobile apps guaranteed to boost your productivity and efficiency, so you can take your performance to the next level no matter where you are!

Organize It

  • Evernote® – Evernote is an amazing tool that lets you capture, organize, share and store your notes from anywhere.

Why we love it: It synchronizes notes across all your devices, so no matter how you are working, you know your notes are secure. This is a must-have for the professional on the go!

  • Todoist – This productivity app is designed to help you organize your tasks and to-do lists. You can sort your tasks by project, assign them color-coded priority levels and even assign tasks to other team members!

Why we love it: Todoist goes beyond just note-taking by offering a suite of task management features to help you boost performance for you and your team!

  • Trello – Trello is a project management app with an easy-to-use, visually driven layout. Organize your workforce into teams, discuss and edit projects in real time and assign tasks with ease.

Why we love it:  The alert system keeps you up to date on progress and deadlines through a number of customizable routes.

Communicate It

  • Slack – Slack is today’s preferred team communication platform. It allows group members to sort their conversations on diverging topics into separate threads for searchable tracking. Need to reference a specific conversation from three weeks ago? Not a problem for this stellar productivity app.

Why we love it: Slack interfaces with a number of third-party platforms and apps, making it a real productivity juggernaut. (Sharing songs from Spotify with your teammates isn’t half bad, either!)

  • DropboxKeep all your files secure, organized, and accessible with Dropbox. This cloud storage mobile app has a desktop component, so your files are easily reachable with a few short clicks from any device.

Why we love it: Dropbox is perfect for sharing deliverables when your team is on the go in different locations.

  • GroupMe – Set up private chat groups for all the different parts of your life, and have them live in one convenient communication app. You can easily add and organize individuals in all your custom groups.

Why we love it: Keep your teammates motivated by turning your photographs into your own sharable memes!

  • Zoom – Nothing enables collaboration quite like seeing one another face-to-face. Host or attend teleconferences from anywhere with Zoom and never miss a beat.

Why we love it:  Meeting attendees can easily share graphs and documents, and it even has beauty filters to make sure you look your best no matter who you’re conferencing with.

Navigate it

  • Waze – Give yourself the advantage of eyes on the ground next time you have to hit the road with this helpful navigation app.

Why we love it:  Waze combines GPS-powered driving instructions with the added benefit of community input on a number of issues like accidents, closed roads, and traffic jams.

  • TripIt® – Keep ahold of all of your travel plans in one place with this top-shelf productivity app. Once you book your travel, simply forward your hotel, flight, car rental and restaurant confirmations to TripIt.

Why we love it:  TripIt collates your confirmations into a custom master itinerary, accessible on any device. Who says business travel has to be draining?

Tackle It

  • Time 2 – Time 2 is a mobile app that keeps you on task and on top of your time. When you need to complete one of your tasks, you simply set a timer for how long you want to devote to it.

Why we love it:  The timer will change from green to yellow to red as the deadline approaches, giving you visual cues off which to pace yourself.

  • Noizio – Get away from the hustle and bustle when you need to focus with a mobile app white noise generator. With Noizio you can work from even the busiest environments and stay focused with the help of a personalized, continuously looping white noise soundtrack.

Why we love it:  This nifty productivity app also doubles as sleep aid when travelling.

  • Google Calendar – Keep your schedule organized and always arrive on time with Google Calendar. This calendar syncs with your Outlook calendar at the office as well as your emails, so your meetings are automatically visible.

Why we love it:  You can set alarms to remind you when you have upcoming appointments. Even if you’re knee deep in finishing off that last deck, you’ll still know when you need to be somewhere important.

  • Scannable – The days of trekking to the photocopier to scan documents are finally over! This productivity app lets you scan, crop, and correct your documents easily. No longer do you need extra equipment to keep track of important hard copies.

Why we love it:  Scannable integrates with Evernote for easy archiving of receipts, legal documents, or any other items.

  • Audible – Never stop learning, even when you’re on the go. With Audible, you can easily listen to audiobooks on business theory, sales techniques, personal improvement—anything you’d like!

Why we love it: Audible users also have exclusive access to Channels, their hub for premium podcast content.

These productivity apps are a great start for building out your digital toolkit, but they certainly aren’t the only ones out there. Do some research and have fun exploring other mobile apps to find ones that best fit your needs and unique circumstances. Build your own list of favorite productivity apps to embrace the possibilities of an increasingly connected business world.