Recognition & Networking Events

Cydcor hosts several recognition and networking events each year at Cydcor’s offices located in Southern California (the “Cydcor Offices”) and at various locations around the country, that help establish Cydcor as a leader amongst its competitors and as experts in driving results through outsourced sales.

recognition events

Cydcor’s events such as the National Conference, R&R, and Keys to Success Events allow Cydcor an opportunity to celebrate accomplishments, recognize some top performing sales companies and business owners who have delivered exceptional service and achieved outstanding results, and highlight the many benefits and advantages Cydcor provides to its clients.

networking opportunities

Cydcor’s events, which feature appearances by Cydcor executives and other leaders from the sales industry, also help foster strong business relationships and personal development by offering opportunities for networking, the exchange of ideas, and inspiration. These yearly Cydcor events provide a unique platform to demonstrate our leadership in outsourced sales.