Cydcor Philanthropy and Events

At Cydcor, we have a passion for helping people, and besides the outstanding sales results we provide to our clients, we demonstrate that passion through our commitment to supporting communities at home and abroad through philanthropy initiatives. At our Southern California, Cydcor Offices (the “Cydcor Offices”), we encourage our team members to get involved in local and global philanthropy by offering paid service hours and by offering a variety of charity and philanthropic opportunities throughout the year. Cydcor philanthropy efforts also support Operation Smile, a global charity providing free surgeries for children and adults in developing countries born with cleft lip, palate, or other facial deformities. Each year, Cydcor invites business owners from within its network and their invitees to join in our efforts to support Operation Smile’s life-saving work by participating in our Day of Smiles Event as well as several other fundraising events throughout the year.

Beyond bettering local and global communities, development and recognition are at the heart of Cydcor’s values. Cydcor proudly recognizes the achievements of its team member’s on a regular bases, through peer to peer acknowledgements, announcements at monthly company meetings for the Cydcor Offices, promotion celebrations, and more. We also recognize the contributions of the independent sales companies that contract with us. Cydcor offers numerous networking and recognition events and national conferences where select clients, sales company owners and their guests are invited to celebrate accomplishments, gain insights from industry leaders, and network with other ambitious business owners.


Cydcor embraces the concept of "people helping people," and as part of our relationship with the independent sales companies and other businesses in Cydcor’s network, we invite them to join us in bringing that core value to life through a variety of local and global philanthropic initiatives. Since 2010, Cydcor’s philanthropy efforts, with the support of more than 4,000 dedicated volunteers from its network, have helped Operation Smile provide children from the developing world with free, life-changing cleft lip and cleft palate surgeries. Together, Cydcor and its network have raised more than $800,000 USD through the annual Day of Smiles event and other fundraisers throughout the year. In addition, Cydcor shows its support for the independent sales businesses who choose to participate in community service activities by providing a once-a-year sponsorship opportunity through its Neighborhood Leader Program. Find out more about how Cydcor teams up with volunteers from its network to help change the world for the better.

recognition and networking events

Throughout the year, Cydcor events provide a platform to highlight and celebrate Cydcor's results for its clients, establish its leadership amongst its competitors and to promote Cydcor's brand.

At these events, select entrepreneurs and their invitees are also allowed the opportunity to meet, share best practices and get inspired. Find out more about Cydcor’s yearly networking and recognition events, held at Cydcor Offices and around the country.