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Eliminating the Most Common Workplace Distractions
Eliminating the Most Common Workplace Distractions

Cell phones, colleagues and emails, oh my! How do you deal with these interruptions to your day?

Distraction is a fact of life when you work in an office. Ringing phones, conversations between colleagues, meetings, and even people dropping by your desk for an impromptu update on your latest project can cause you to lose focus and efficiency. What can you do to prevent these distractions? Here are some ideas.

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Cell phones

A lot of people keep their phones on their desks, but every time you see or hear a new notification, it’s tempting to sneak a peek and see what’s going on. Instead of leaving your phone where you can see it, put it in a drawer and make a plan to only take it out at specific times.

Co-workers dropping by

According to a recent survey, about 40 percent of respondents said they would be more productive if co-workers would stop coming by to chat—whether about work or personal topics. How can you eliminate this distraction without alienating your colleagues? Put the word out that you’re reserving certain hours to work on projects that need your full concentration. It might be a good idea to also request your co-workers in a friendly way that you prefer to be contacted by email or messenger, so that you can respond to them when you’re at a good stopping place in your work. Creating a productive office environment is always a good idea!

The lure of the internet and social media

Especially if your job involves the internet—for example, doing work-related informational searches or managing a work website—or interacting on social media, it’s just as easy to be distracted as it is to be productive. You can reduce your distraction by making an effort to only check your personal social media on breaks or lunch, or save it for after the workday is complete.

Noisy colleagues

Sixty-three percent of the respondents in the survey said that the most common distraction in the office is “loud colleagues.” How do you eliminate this distraction? Noise-cancelling headphones are a great start. You might also consider playing your favorite music through headphones or ear buds, if music contributes to your productivity.

Email and messenger apps

Between the alert tones and the visual impact of unread messages piling up in your inbox or chat channel, it’s easy to stop what you’re doing at any time to answer messages. Try closing your email and chat apps while you’re focusing. Let your colleagues know you’re not going to be answering messages while you’re working on your project so they know not to expect a response from you right away.

It’s completely okay—and in fact, normal—to want to work without distraction when you’re focusing on an important task. These techniques should help you do just that, and increase your productivity and efficiency while you’re at it.

What techniques do you use to eliminate workplace distractions? Let us know by tweeting @Cydcor with your answers.

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