Cydcor Reviews: The Leader Within: Learning Enough About Yourself to Lead Others

Title: The Leader Within

Author: Ken Blanchard, Drea Zigarmi, Micheal O’Connor, Carl Edeburn

Description of the book: Knowing who you truly are is the first step towards becoming an outstanding leader. This book will help you understand yourself as a leader and after reading, you will have the tools to change and grow to become the most effective version of yourself.

Why should you read this? This book challenges you to become introspective and discover who you truly are.

Our favorite part: The idea that we have a “shadow self” that is the person we truly are and a “persona”, which is the person we show to the world was fascinating to me. It caused me to look at who I am and what I show to the world and determine if those 2 were congruent.