About Cydcor Offices

Out of our offices located in Agoura Hills, California (the “Cydcor Offices”), Cydcor has established itself as a leader in outsourced sales. Cydcor is committed to delivering excellence in service and outstanding sales results on behalf of its clients. With more than two decades of performance to point to, Cydcor sets itself apart because of its achievement-based culture. Cydcor’s clients include some of the most recognized, industry-leading brands in the world. We have earned our clients’ trust through our track record of success and our commitment to delivering results with integrity.

One of the keys to Cydcor’s success is its ability to contract with a network of independently owned and operated sales companies comprised largely of goal-oriented, growth-driven, and achievement-motivated individuals and owners with proven performance and results. We only work with sales companies that can “wow” our clients, allowing Cydcor to continuously produce results that don’t just meet, but exceed clients’ sales goals.

Why Clients Trust Us

Cydcor proudly represents a wide variety of clients that include Fortune 500 and emerging companies, and leading telecommunications, home entertainment, office supplies, and energy providers. Our clients trust us because of the world-class service and customized sales and marketing solutions we provide from our Cydcor Offices, and because we have only entered into agreements with independent sales companies across the US and Canada that are equally dedicated to delivering results.

Cydcor ensures that all sales companies we work with properly represent Cydcor’s clients and uphold their brands. Cydcor takes pride in contracting with sales companies that conduct their businesses with integrity, represent our clients in strict accordance with client brand guidelines, and are passionate about producing outstanding results.

Cydcor's Values

Whether inside the walls of our Cydcor Offices, or in our relationships with clients and vendors, we are wholly committed to the concept of being a "people helping people business." Cydcor does this, not only by providing excellent service to clients and their customers, and by maintaining strong business relationships with partners, vendors, and sales companies, but also through our promise to do our part to support and strengthen the communities in which our clients’ customers live as well as the larger, global community. Cydcor is proud to align with businesses that embrace these values as well.

Cydcor's Network

Cydcor works with independent sales companies spanning North America and Canada. Cydcor is successful not only because of the talent at the Cydcor Offices, but also because of the talent recruited and developed by the business owners in its network. Their initiative, grit, and motivation to succeed are the powerful ingredients that allow Cydcor to consistently deliver for its clients. Cydcor strives to contract only with businesses comprised of driven, passionate individuals who embody the excellence that Cydcor’s clients deserve.

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doing good

Cydcor embraces the concept of "people helping people," and as part of our relationship with the independent sales companies and other businesses in Cydcor’s network, we invite them to join us in bringing that core value to life through a variety of local and global philanthropic initiatives. Find out more about how Cydcor teams up with volunteers from its network to help change the world for the better.


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